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Capacity Building

Capacity building is valuable and important because of its many long-term impacts. Either you are learning to be better in your place of work or you are helping someone to be better, it definitely have direct and indirect impact on you, your environment, community and nation.

Capacity building approaches purposefully minimize an over-reliance on outside experts as sources of knowledge, resources, and solutions to community issues. By preventing a dependency relationship on outsiders from forming, capacity building encourages local people to take action on local issues themselves.

Capacity building fosters a sense of ownership and empowerment , so that community partners gain greater control over their own future development. Let's help our day to day activities be focused on capacity building, making us have community growth and development. Get Reg with us, 2nd batch 2019,
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by Vincent, 12/03/2019

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Happy Easter from Vovcon World

We observe this season to have hope, we believe the values be a blessing to you and you would be renewed in capacity. Happy Easter from us @ vovcon

by Vovcon, 21/04/2018